Sunday, January 17, 2010


Well for my final project I was wondering if I should do fetal alcohol syndrome or effects of caffeine on the human body. If anyone wants to share ideas of which one i should pick I will consider it. I'm kind of leaning towards effects of caffeine because there's a lot more information and I guess Fetal alcohol syndrome could be a more bias subject.


  1. I really like the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome topic. It is timely and just touchy enough to give you a bit of edge to your work. You know what I mean? A little salting of what if? You could even dig into some of the lives of children born with this and see how they turned out. There are a lot of different ways to go at it! Talk with you soon!

  2. Both are great topics. Fetal alcohol syndrome is a tough subject. I had an ex-sister in-law that took drugs and alcohol while she was pregnant. The poor baby was so messed up, if she is lucky she will have the mentality of a 6 months old for life. My brother Wanted to adopt the baby as it was his sons sister (so not his baby) but the hospital, and everyone in the medical field discouraged him as she was so bad off.

    To be bias one has to have the ability to separate themselves from the topic some what. All this means is you must be able to pull back, read, and see where you need to revise it, so as to not make it your opinion no matter how you feel or what you think about the topic. I think you can do it if you want to. This might be great practice. In the medical field no matter the job, sometime in life, we all will be called upon to do this for the benefit of patients.


  3. Both are great topics to do your paper on. Fetal alcohol syndrome has alot of points that can be bias, but you can also write about a subject that is informative and provide great information on the subject. Effects of caffeine on the human body is also another good subject. Not alot of people really know the real affects that caffeine can have on the body after alot of consumption. Either way your paper will be great and I look forward to hearing more about it in the coming weeks.